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Full body PET CT Scan in Delhi @ Just Rs.11,000

Full body PET-CT Scans are quite helpful in identifying the exact cause of cancer cells and the current condition of cancer affected areas. A small amount of radioactive substance (also called as Contrast material) will be injected during the PET CT Scan procedure for getting a detailed view on the impact caused by cancer cells in the patient’s body.

PET CT scan machine is designed in a combination of CT & PET Scan, in which CT Scanners are able to provide detailed pictures of inner organs and the PET scanner plays it role in exploring the detailed functionality of such organs. Together PET & CT Scanners produce accurate images which can easily identify the abnormalities in your body more accurate than any other radiology procedure.

We found that hundreds of people are ignoring the PET CT scan in Delhi, just because of the scan cost which is not affordable for them. To overcome those difficulties mostly faced by the common man, BookMyScans has started an initiative to help Delhi people to get their full body PET CT Scans in Delhi done at Just Rs.11,000. Thousands of people already benefitted by doing their whole body PET scans in Delhi at affordable rates by saving more than 50% of their PET CT scan cost.

The set up cost for PET CT Scan equipments are quite expensive and the PET CT scan centres in Delhi providing PET CT scans at lowest cost are less in number than any other scan procedures. You should ensure whether the quality of the PET CT scan machines used by the PET CT scan centres in Delhi are good in quality. 16 Slices and above PET CT scanners are considered to be safe and good in producing high quality PET Scan reports.

We are getting appreciation from public as well as physicians for our selfless initiative which is helping patients to do their PET CT scans in Delhi at the least possible cost. Many doctors in Delhi started recommending patients to do their PET CT scan done through us, not just because of the cost, but also in terms of the high quality PET CT scan reports delivered through our partnered PET CT centres in Delhi. All our partnered PET CT scan centers in Delhi are accredited by AERB, ISO & NABL.

Save your hard earned money by booking PET CT Scan appointments in Delhi through BookMyScans and do share a word to your friends in helping them to get benefitted through our cost effective health care services.