Dental Braces

Starting from
10-20% Discount
Starting from
10-20% Discount

Dental Braces in Bangalore

Dental Braces are the material used to align the teeth, and it also strengthens and helps in a proper alignment the main intentions of having braces is to improve dental health, to fix the gaps, and it fixes other flaws of the teeth and jaws.

Soon after applying the braces you will notice gradual push in your teeth which are caused by force and pressure to place teeth in a desired position.

Braces cannot only straighten your teeth but it will change your face structure in a good or beautiful manner by enhancing the quality of your gorgeous smile. One can feel the difference after getting the braces off the teeth and realize braces are actually worth it.

  • Metal Braces / Traditional Braces :

    These are the most noticeable braces than any other options since the Brackets and wire of Stainless steels with combination of titanium is used.

    Through BookMyScans, Cost of Metal Braces in Bangalore starts from Rs.22,000/-

    Advantage of using this method is Affordable, Lesser Treatment Time, Lesser Pain, and Lesser Adjustment.

  • Ceramic Braces :

    Size and Shape of ceramic braces are same as that of metal braces the main advantage of having Ceramic Braces is that it is a tooth colored / white, or cleared brackets that make difficult to notice the braces since both the wire and ceramic are white.

    Through BookMyScans, Cost of Ceramic Braces in Bangalore starts from Rs.33,000/-

  • Invisalign Braces :

    Invisalign consist of sequence of 18-30 custom-made plastic aligners these can be removed and replaced once in a two weeks.

    Through BookMyScans, Cost of Invisalign Braces in Bangalore starts from Rs.1,40,000/-

  • Lingual Braces :

    These braces are same as of metal braces which are also called as traditional braces but the only difference is the Bracket and wire would be placed inside the teeth.

    Through BookMyScans, Cost of Braces Behind Teeth in Bangalore starts from Rs.1,21,000/-

  • You may feel some sort of Pain, soreness and discomfort for 4 days to week after the braces are placed.
  • Your lips and cheeks may need some time to get used to the braces on your teeth. Patient will get used to the discomfort caused by tooth movement.
  • Avoid Sticky and Chewy Food: Stay away from Caramel and Chewing gum.
  • Avoid Hard Food: Hard food in the sense hard candy, peanuts that could damage your thin layer of wire.
  • Avoid Biting in to Hard Food: Hard foods need more strength to chew such as carrots, corns or apple which may tear your thin layer of brackets.
  • Avoid Crunchy Foods: Say big NO to Popcorn or other crunchy chips.
  • It is very much Important to take care of your teeth each time when you have your meal/food.
  • Make sure you Brush your teeth after each meal. Your Teeth may end up with severe damage if the food remains somewhere around the braces so makes sure you gargle more often.
  • Gargle mouth with warm salt water.
  • Dentist may prescribe pain relieving gel which can be applied on the area of discomfort.
  • Develop a habit of using fluoride mouth rinse each night before going to bed. Braces can do an amazing job of aligning your teeth.

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