Dental Crowns

Starting from
10-20% Discount
Starting from
10-20% Discount

Dental Crowns in Bangalore

A dental crown is a kind of dental restoration or a kind of tooth repair which is done so that the decayed tooth get backs to its former or original position.

As we grow older so, do our tooth decay. Even the way we chew can make our teeth wear down.

So crowns are required at that point of time when a large cavity has attacked the ongoing health of a tooth. It holds the cracked portions of a tooth together to keep them from breaking even more. A crown can also be used to improve the appearance, shape or alignment.

A patient can be recommended a dental crown by his or her dentist if there is a large filling that is failing because fillings doesn’t last forever and can get cavities around and under them or if the tooth is extremely discolored or if he or she wish to have a crown placed for cosmetic reasons.

Before getting a crown fixed for a decay tooth, it is very important to know the procedure. Usually it takes two separate dentist visits for installing a dental crown.

Firstly, the dentist will examine the tooth to make sure that whether it can support a crown or not, then begin filing it down to prepare for the crown. If the tooth is damaged or broken then the dentist may need to fill it in to make it large enough to properly receive the crown. After the tooth is filled to the proper shape, the doctor will take an impression of the tooth, as well as those surrounding it, so that a permanent crown can be made accordingly. By the end of this first visit, patient’s tooth will have a new temporary crown that will cover the decayed tooth until the final crown is ready to be permanently placed.

The temporary crown will be removed, when the permanent crown is ready. Thereafter, the dentist will position the new crown to the tooth. Once the dental crown procedure is complete, it may take some time getting used to before the permanent crown feels normal in the patient’s mouth. After some time has passed, the crown will function like a regular tooth.

Teeth that have received crowns are not as strong as the natural teeth so proper care should be taken.So it is very advisable to say no to sticky and chewy food. Patient should avoid using the side of the mouth that has surgical crown in it. Hard food should be avoided. Mouth should be rinsed with warm salt water.

A gorgeous smile, a set of gleaming white teeth free from any kind of pain and infection are the qualities that every individual desires. To flash your pearly whites with confidence and to get rid of infections or pain, it is important to use the services of the best dental bridge treatment in Bangalore.

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Dental Crowns Cost in Bangalore

  • Dental Crowns(Metallic) - Rs.2,000
  • Dental Crowns(Ceramic) - Rs.4,500
  • Dental Crowns(Zirconia) - Rs.9,500
  • Dental Crowns(Gold 18 k gold extra) - Rs.3,500

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