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CT Scan Price List in Hyderabad

Scan Name Prices
CT Head ScanRs.1999
CT Single HandRs.1999
CT Chest ScanRs.1999
CT Single Leg ScanRs.1999
CT Ls Spine ScanRs.1999
CT Lumbar SpineRs.1999
CT Lumbo Sacral Spine ScanRs.1999
CT Nose ScanRs.1500
CT Brain ScanRs.1500
CT Neck ScanRs.1999
CT Anus ScanRs.1999
CT Orbits ScanRs.1500
Scan Name Prices
CT Knee ScanRs.1999
CT Foot ScanRs.1999
CT Fingers ScanRs.1999
CT Shoulder ScanRs.1999
CT Ankle Joint ScanRs.1999
CT PNS ScanRs.1500
CT Wrist ScanRs.1999
CT Temporal Bone ScansRs.1999
CT Pelvis ScanRs.1999
CT Abdomen ScanRs.3000
CT Abdomen and pelvis ScanRs.3800
CT Contrast ScanRs.1000 - 1500
CT ScreeningRs.1500 - 2000

Lowest cost for CT Scans in Hyderabad – Just Rs.1999/-

CT scan cost in Hyderabad with BookMyScans for Just Rs.1999/- We know the pain of a common man who is already struggling with their unplanned medical expenses and therefore we have come up with the solution where they can benefit by paying less for high quality CT scans in Hyderabad. We tie up with scan centres that use 16 slices and above CT scan equipments and providing high quality scan reports on time.

With the ability of providing more detailed images through multiple X-Rays, CT scans can produce cross-sectional images of various part of the body in a single scan procedure. The images will then be monitored and interpreted by the radiologists to produce CT scan reports. The quality of the CT scan machine is calculated based on the metrics named ‘Slices’. Popular radiologists suggest that 16 Slices and above CT Scan machines are considered as more standard in diagnosing the body parts more accurately and also the radiation generated by such scan equipment will be quite lesser than older machines which might be harmful for patients.

Actual CT Scan cost in hyderabad is Rs.4500 to Rs.8500 based on the body part you need to diagnose as suggested in the prescription given by your doctor. One of the major factors that affect the CT scan price in Hyderabad is the kind of scan equipment used by them, which may cost them during the setup process and while doing upgrades on the software frequently.

Earlier, many people ignored CT scan procedure because of the high cost which they cannot afford. But, now more than 3200+ people got directly benefitted through our cost effective CT scan booking services in Hyderabad. Many of the physicians appreciated our selfless service in making the patients to get benefitted and encouraging people to diagnose earlier.

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