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MRI Scan Price List in Hyderabad

Scan Name Prices
MRI Head ScanRs.3150
MRI Single HandRs.3150
MRI Chest ScanRs.3150
MRI Single Leg ScanRs.3150
MRI Ls Spine ScanRs.3150
MRI Lumbar SpineRs.3150
MRI Lumbo Sacral Spine ScanRs.3150
MRI Nose ScanRs.3150
MRI Brain ScanRs.3150
MRI Neck ScanRs.3150
MRI Anus ScanRs.3150
MRI Orbits ScanRs.3150
MRI Knee ScanRs.3150
MRI Foot ScanRs.3150
MRI Fingers ScanRs.3150
MRI Shoulder ScanRs.3150
Scan Name Prices
MRI Ankle Joint ScanRs.3150
MRI PNS ScanRs.3150
MRI Wrist ScanRs.3150
MRI Temporal Bone ScansRs.3150
MRI Pelvis ScanRs.3150
MRI Abdomen ScanRs.3500
MRI Whole Spine ScanRs.5700
MRI Contrast ScanRs.1500
MRI ScreeningRs.1500 - 2000
MRI Whole Spine ScreeningRs.5000
MRI Brain Epilepsy ScanRs.6500
MRI Pulmonary Angio ScanRs.6000
MRI Brain Angio ScanRs.9500
MRI Coronary Angio ScanRs.7000
MRI + MRA + MRV ScanRs.10,000

Pay Just Rs.3500 for any MRI Scan in Hyderabad

At Bookmyscans, any single part MRI scan price in Hyderabad is Rs.3500 Contrast for MRI scans will be charged at Rs.1500 extra, if required / prescribed by physician.

If you do single part MRI Scan in Hyderabad, diagnostic scan centres may charge from Rs.6500 to Rs.11,000 based on which body part has to be diagnosed. Prime location of the diagnostic scan centre may also cause some difference in MRI scan cost in Hyderabad. According to media reports, some of the physicians are involved with cuts & commissions which may also result in the increased MRI scan cost burden to public.

IRA (Indian radiological and imaging association) is actually monitoring those physicians and the diagnostic centres involving in such malpractices. More recently, Indian radiological association has fixed a standard MRI Scan price for all the diagnostic centres in Hyderabad. It is a highly appreciable decision from them and if the MRI scan cost in Hyderabad is reduced, many people may start using this life saving scan procedure instead of ignoring it due to the cost burden.

MRI Scan centres in Hyderabad are in a need to replace their older scan equipment with the new scan equipment as guided by AERB (Atomic Energy Regulatory Board) considering the safety of patients and quality of scan reports. Such scan centres are spending huge money to replace their MRI scan equipment as well as they have to spend more for maintenance costs on software upgrades. All such factors lead to increased MRI scan cost in Hyderabad.

BookMyScans identified the problems faced by the common man where they are not able to spend their entire monthly salary for such scan procedures. Most of the people started ignoring such scan procedures just due to the cost factor and in order to help public, we have come up with a solution.

We do frequent audits with our partnered MRI Scan centres in Hyderabad to ensure the quality of scan reports, On-time scan schedule and overall customer satisfaction. All our partnered MRI scan centres are using 1.5 Tesla & above MRI equipment which is considered as the standard MRI scan machine by radiologists. Now, more than 3500+ people started booking their MRI Scan in Hyderabad at affordable cost through BookMyScans where their scan reports are accepted by 99% of physicians due to the high quality reports given through our partnered MRI scan centres.

When you can book the same MRI scan in the same MRI scan centre at least possible cost by saving more than 50% of your scan cost, then why to pay more? Fix quick appointments through BookMyScans and do share to your friends/relatives and help them to save their money just like you.