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Yes. Full body PET CT Scan in Hyderabad is usually being prescribed by doctors to check the complete functioning of your inner organs and tissues.Before the PET CT scan procedure, thepatient will be given a small quantity of contrast material which is a radioactive substance, generally through injections. This contrast material helps in projecting the cancer cells more accurately.

As we know cancer cells can spread very faster to the nearby organ, that’s why most of the physicians recommend for full body pet ct scans. Also this radioactive material can also analyze the blood flow and metabolism in your body at the cellular level.

The PET CT Scan machine is a combination of CT & PET machines. CT Scan machines can provide detailed pictures of tissues and organs in your body whereas PET machines detects the issues in such inner structures and produces its own images. Combining both images can give us the better clarity inidentifying the cancer affected areas as well as the impact created by such cancer cells.

Before the PET CT Scan, the patient will be checked with their Creatinine/BUN/Sugar levels which can be done in blood test labs. Only after checking levels in blood on various factors, the radiologist may confirm your eligibility on undergoing the PET CT scans. If the recommended levels of Creatinine/BUN/Sugar is higher, then the patient might be prone to allergies.

Once the patient is injected with the contrast material, they will be asked to wait for atleast one hour in order to absorb the radioactive substance in their body. Then, the patient will be asked to lie on the sliding table in the PET CT Scan machine where it moves slowly inside and the scan procedure may last upto 1 hour or sometimes based on the radiologist’s requirement.

The market price for PET CT scan in Hyderabad varies in each location. The main reason for those price fluctuations in PET CT scan centres in Hyderabad is due to the PET CT Scan machine set up cost incurred, the prime location of those centres and the radiologist availability. According to some media reports, there is a huge shortage of radiologists where one radiologist is working for multiple PET CT Scan centres in a day. All these reasons made the PET CT scan cost in Hyderabad to reach the peak level where a common man cannot afford those costs.

PET CT scans cost in Hyderabad varies from Rs.20,000 to Rs.35,000. These prices are actual market price but, if you do PET CT scan through BookMyScans, then the cost will be reduced more than 60-80% and you will be paying just Rs.9999 and it is a full body PET CT Scan. If your doctor prescribed for any single part PET CT Scan, then the approximate cost will be Rs.5500 to Rs.6500.

Even though the PET-CT Scan is a remarkable technology in cancer management, the number of PET-CT scan centres in Hyderabad still remains low. We only tie up with selective PET CT Scan centres in Hyderabad approved by AERB who only uses advanced PET CT scan equipment and provide exceptional patient care. We do frequent quality audits with our partnered PET CT Scan centres in Hyderabad.

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