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Vitamin Test Cost in Hyderabad

Vitamins are vital nutrients that perform important roles in the growth and development of the body. They carry blood and oxygen to remote areas of the body and help formulate chemical messages that travel throughout the body and help sustain life.

Though Vitamins play such a vital role in our daily life, nearly 70% Indians are Vitamin D deficient. It's very important to absorb calcium and promote bone health. It's also a fundamental source to prevent certain cancers, heart diseases and, mood disorders. According to the latest results, Vitamin D deficiency is directly related to prediabetes and causes blood sugar levels to rise and result in diabetes. The cost of Vitamin D test in Hyderabad may outlay up to Rs.800 depending on the package.

Vitamin D3 is also crucial to maintain overall health. With times changing at lightning speed, humans are more susceptible to multiple lifestyle-related diseases and temporary health issues that interfere with work and life. Vitamin D3 test cost is included in both packages available on Bookmyscans portal. It's a trusted medical partner to book your Vitamin health checkup packages where you always get true pricing and discounts up to 60%, compared to other labs. Vitamin D3 is important to:

  • Strengthen bones and teeth
  • Enhance immune health
  • Support brain and nervous system
  • Regulate insulin levels
  • Manage diabetes
  • Promote lung function and cardiovascular health

Vitamin D blood test cost includes up to six tests and consultation without any hidden charges. Bookmyscans is partnered with most of the healthcare and diagnostic centers across Hyderabad to facilitate patients. Vitamin B12 promotes brain health and blood cell production. It's also required for proper nerve functioning and comes only from animal and dairy products. However, people with high levels of Vitamin B12 are prone to liver disease, leukemia, diabetes and kidney failure. These people need to cut down on animal and dairy products. Vitamin B12 test price is only a fraction of other regular tests.

Vitamin B12 deficiency also leads to weakness, lethargy, increased heart beat, stomach upsets and unexpected weight loss. A Vitamin B12 test cost is somewhere between Rs.700 to Rs.1,000. You get test results within 24-48 hours when you book through Bookmyscans. And remember, Vitamin D test cost is total Vitamin D package with Vitamin D2 and D3 tests including Vitamin A, E, and K. This makes it a highly cost-effective package that is affordable by everyone.

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that is produced when you are exposed to sunlight. Hence, along with Vitamin D food or supplements make sure to get an ample amount of sunshine. A Vitamin test cost with Bookmyscans includes two packages, namely, “Make Me OK” that has three tests and “Make Me Strong” that has six tests. The Vitamin D test price depends on the package your doctor suggests referring to your health condition.