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CT Scan Price List in Jaipur

Scan Name Prices
CT Head ScanRs.1999
CT Single HandRs.1999
CT Chest ScanRs.1999
CT Single Leg ScanRs.1999
CT Ls Spine ScanRs.1999
CT Lumbar SpineRs.1999
CT Lumbo Sacral Spine ScanRs.1999
CT Nose ScanRs.1999
CT Brain ScanRs.1999
CT Neck ScanRs.1999
CT Anus ScanRs.1999
CT Orbits ScanRs.1999
Scan Name Prices
CT Knee ScanRs.1999
CT Foot ScanRs.1999
CT Fingers ScanRs.1999
CT Shoulder ScanRs.1999
CT Ankle Joint ScanRs.1999
CT PNS ScanRs.1999
CT Wrist ScanRs.1999
CT Temporal Bone ScansRs.1999
CT Pelvis ScanRs.2999
CT Abdomen ScanRs.3000
CT Abdomen and pelvis ScanRs.3800
CT Contrast ScanRs.1000 - 1500
CT ScreeningRs.1500 - 2000

Know the CT scan cost in Jaipur – Starting from Rs.2000/-

CT (Computed Tomography) or CAT (Computed Axial Tomography) is a procedure that produces highly detailed X-Ray images of your body which shows health issues. These scanned images show Blood vessels, soft tissues and bones of various parts.

CT has become an important tool in medical imaging. It is used for preventive medicine or screening of disease.

  • CT Head Scan is commonly used to detect extent of tumors, hemorrhage, brain trauma etc. Tumors can be detected by swelling and anatomical distortion that they cause. It looks for Injuries and stroke causing clots.
  • CT Abdominal Scan is frequently used to determine stage of cancer and to follow progress. It also detects acute abdominal problems like renal stones, appendicitis, pancreatitis, abdominal aortic aneurysm and bowel obstruction.
  • CT scan detects fluid, pneumonia, COPD(Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)
  • CT Contrast Scan is useful to highlight structures such as blood vessels that otherwise would be difficult to delineate from their surroundings. Using Contrast material can also help top obtain functional information about tissues.

A CT scan can be done in a hospital or a radiology clinic. It is fast, painless, noninvasive and accurate. The CT scan machine is a doughnut shaped machine in which the patient will have to lie in. The scan can take a few minutes to half an hour. The patient will be asked to not eat or drink anything for a several hours before the procedure. Metal objects must be removed before the procedure as it can interfere with the scan. The patient might even be asked to stay still and hold their breath during the scan to avoid blurring the image.

Procedure: A narrow X-ray beam that circles around one part of your body is used to perform CT scan. This X-ray beam provides a series of images from different angles. During the scan, a patient lies on a bed that slowly moves through the CT scan machine. The X-ray tube rotates around the patient giving out a narrow X-ray beam through the body. As the X-rays leave the patient it is picked up by the detectors and transmitted to a computer. The Computer uses this information to create a cross sectional picture. This two dimensional (2D) scan shows a slice of your body.

A special dye called Contrast material is used to help highlight the areas of your body to be scanned. The contrast material blocks X-rays and appears white on images, which can help identifying obstructions in the blood vessels. Contrast agents contain substances which stop X-rays making it more visible on the X-ray image.Contrast dye for CT scan is given in three forms – injection, enema or orally. Contrast agents for CT scan are made of iron or barium sulfate.

CT Scanning is done to obtain series of structural images of the full body or a specific part of the body using X-rays. Cost of CT scan in Jaipur ranges from Rs. 2000-Rs.3000 Get 70-80% discount of the traditional CT Scan cost while booking with BookMyScans.

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