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Full body PET CT Scan in Jaipur at 12,000

A PET (Positron emission tomography) scan is an imaging test that helps to check for diseases in your body. PET scan is a functional imaging scan that gives precise information about metabolic and biochemical activity in the body.A CT (computed tomography) scan on the other hand is also a diagnostic scan which helps to detect diseases of internal organs and is often used to determine the cause of unexplained pain in the body.

A PET CT scan combines both PET scan and CT scan into one machine, which revels information about both the structure and the functioning of cells and tissues in our body.

PET CT Scan is a nuclear medicine technique which combines PET scanner and CT scanner into one machine. A special dye that has radioactive tracers is used to perform this scan. These tracers are either injected into a vein, swallowed or inhaled. The PET CT scanner is a large, doughnut shaped machine which has a sliding flatbed attached to it.

PET CT scan usually takes between 30 to 60 minutes. The scan is performed by a radiographer,

Before the scan: Your doctor will advise you to stop eating at least 6 hours before the scan. During this time, you will be allowed to drink water. Strenuous exercise must not be done before the scan. If you are diabetic and have a problem with not eating for several hours, you might need to adapt your appointment to fit into these conditions. If you are claustrophobic, make sure to tell the radiology department so that they can take extra care and make you feel comfortable.

During the scan: During a PET CT Scan, a special dye that has radioactive tracers is used to perform this scan. These tracers are either injected into a vein, swallowed or inhaled. The tracer will be given to you an hour before the scan. During this hour you will be asked to rest and avoid movement. The drug then spreads throughout your body. Once the patient is inside the scanning room, he will be asked to remove any metal objects he has on him as it interferes with the images produced by the scanner. The patient will be asked to lie down on the flatbed, which will slowly slide in and out of the scanner. The scanner takes pictures as you move through the scanner.

A PET CT scan is mainly used to detect many types of cancer. It is considered to be more accurate in diagnosing cancer. PET CT scans help finding the cancer and help the doctor decide the best treatment for the cancer. They also help determining which stage a cancer is in and also if it is spreading. PET CT scans can also help find out if the treatment is working or not.

Sometimes the cancer may be removed but the scar tissue from the killed off cancer may be left behind. A PET CT scans can tell if the cancer tissue is active or not.

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To get permission to install a PET CT scanner the center needs to meet a set of regulatory requirements. They also need to take radiation safety precautions which is approved by AERB (Atomic Energy Regulation Board). PET CT scan centers need to be approved by AERB and certified by ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and NABL (National Accreditation Board for testing and calibration Laboratories). The technical configuration for a PET CT scanner must be 16 to 64 slices. The quality of a scan center also depends on the quality of the reports. You can find the best quality scan centers in Jaipur at, which is the best online diagnostic scans and tests booking guide.

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