Really Needed and useful one. My wish to all over India need this service. Thank you - BookMyScans
Dt: 29-05-2018
Tried out a master health check up through their website. Was able to get a quality service at a nominal cost when compared to other sources or scan centers. They have wide variety of packages to chose from and have good link up with quality doctors, scan centers as well. Good service overall. Highly recommended
Dt: 29-05-2018
Overall good experience. Getting connected to you over what app seems to be bit late. But once connected, my request is addressed. So it would be great if you could improve response time on WhatsApp
Dt: 17-06-2018
Very nice service by book my scans ,they search for ur requirement and finds a right place with best rate. Doing good job for the public.
Dt: 19-06-2018
Thanks to Bookmyscans for getting me the cheapest MRI rate near my locality. They got me 50% discount which is a lot when it comes to MRI scans. highly recommended.
Dt: 21-06-2018
I had enrolled for whole body scan. It was great to have Shruthi from BMS to help me out with all the information. Also it was easier to get all the reports done with BMS. Thank you all for taking care of all things. Wish you all the best and keep up your good work
Dt: 23-06-2018
Awesome savings done through bookmyscans. I felt really safe while visiting and getting treated from the bookings I have made through this. I recommend this to everybody, it saves your hell lot of money. Big thumbs up for book my scan.
Dt: 26-06-2018
Good experience. Scans done professionally and in less cost
Dt: 26-06-2018
Thank you for 50% discount. Service was good. They had started scanning process as per appointment time without any delay. I have two suggestions for you : 1) Ask your service centre to send the reports on email as well. 2) Provide customer support in regional language on call. This will help you to increase your customer base. Thank you once again !
Dt: 26-06-2018
It’s been a great experience booking the scan appointment on bookmyscan. I got the confirmation immediately after booking it online and got good assistant for the representative and the great is, I got a great offer (40% discount). I would strongly recommend bookmyscan.
Dt: 26-06-2018
Yes the service provided is fantastic, Also the service provided by NM Medical ,Malad , Mumbai was excellent.but Book my scans is truly very good,and helped me out in getting the best place for MRI scans, Thank you., Great Job
Dt: 27-06-2018
The services provided by book my scans for MRI scan at Borivali center was quite smooth, convenient and hassle free. I didn't face any difficulty regarding my booking, time slot or cost of MRI scan as informed me at the time of booking. I recommend others to use book my scans services.
Dt: 27-06-2018
Good response and the team will always be there with the customer till the end. Nice experience
Dt: 27-06-2018
Very helpful. Took CT Scan and Brain MRI. Very convenient location. All went off smoothly. THANK YOU.
Dt: 27-06-2018
I really liked the service, it was a one stop solution for all check-up at affordable price When I went to test center, I felt like I was prioritized. They respected the value of my time and got done things quick
Dt: 30-06-2018
It's best , affordable in Mumbai other scaing centre directly change Rs7000 to 12000 for MRI. Bookmyscan book your appointment to easily it's charges RS.4000/ for MRI.
Dt: 03-07-2018
Thanks for your quick service and discount provided by bookmyscans. It was really helpful saved lot of money.
Dt: 03-07-2018
Good one. Everything was nice and easy. Blood test was done at thyrocare and scans were made in medray. Good experience.
Dt: 06-07-2018
There is no much adversitement but i happened to see them using search.Later i uploaded the details.Response and service was very good wit reasonale rates and quality.Keep it up nice job
Dt: 09-07-2018
Bookmyscan is really good service provider. They are really prompt, energetic, enthusiastic and honestly
Dt: 19-07-2018
Bookmyscan is really good service provider. They are really prompt, energetic, enthusiastic and honest. They are genuine and all test they do on genuine price. I was very happy with bookmyscan service. Whenever I need blood test I go through this. Moreover all scan are really cheap price I did not believe when I saw price list. Thank you bookmyscan
Dt: 19-07-2018
Great experience. Quick service. Super fast reports generation. Good ambience. Great price.
Dt: 25-07-2018
I want to take MRI for Perinial Fistula. U know how much they asked. 8000. Then i booked with book my scans only with 3150. Please share this to poor people. Please.
Dt: 25-07-2018
Appointment was at flexible time.. Got the reports on time. Very happy with bookmyscan team
Dt: 31-07-2018
Excellent service from Book my scans, I got 50% discount on MRI scan and also given the nearest scan centre to choose, Book my scan tagged with top rated scan centers which is a plus point. The focus diagnostic center also given very good service.
Dt: 31-07-2018
Dikesh has supported a lot to complete the Health Check-up of my Team. Almost 20 individuals has undergone the Master Health Check-up. Thanks Dikesh for your continuous support.
Dt: 31-07-2018
It was a very good experience while booking MRI appointment via Bookmyscan. I got appointment as per my convenient time plus concession of 3000/- for MRI. This is really good initiative taken and will help many people who cannot afford such huge charges. Once again thanks for your service and keep up the good work.
Dt: 11-08-2018
Had a satisfactory & worthy experience. Best in services and price I ever found till date.
Dt: 11-08-2018
Outstanding Service and Genuine!!! Get rid of these doctors commissions... Even if ur doc has recommended, book your scan thru bookmyscan company... They r real savers... I paid only 4000 for a scan that was 8500 MRP... THIS IS GOD SENT!!!
Dt: 11-08-2018
Tried it for the first time today. Was an easy,hassle free experience with substantially reduced costs.Thanks for this.Will definitely recommend you to friends and family
Dt: 11-08-2018
Thank you so much for your all support... Mahesh You did in my budget the MRI scanning ... Really thanks to the management taking care of common people like us
Dt: 13-08-2018
Excellent service by bookmyscan, I got the appointment very quickly at CELARA diagonastic ( which is the best in MRI - 3T in Bangalore) at a very low price compare to other diagonastic centre (e.g. Clumax), who charge very high. I almost got at 50% less @Celara Diagonastic thru Bookmyscan. I will recommend all my friends to utilise Bookmyscan incase of any scan ( e.g. MRI) required. Excellent service.
Dt: 13-08-2018
It is so easy and hassle free to get your appointment with our choice of time and location near to us as we prefer and the best thing is that bookmyscan offers us great discounts which we will not get anywhere I'll definitely recommend bookmyscan to everyone in need.Thank you bookmyscans!
Dt: 16-08-2018
The hospital as well as hospitality totally good. The overall service was excellent... Thank you Bookmyscan team...
Dt: 16-08-2018
Your service was fantastic.Got tests done for my wife as part of routine checkup.I definitely would recommend.
Dt: 03-09-2018
Entire Process is very smooth. Blood sample collection conveniently @home professionally done by Thyrocare. Clinic partners Way2Health also professional.
Dt: 19-09-2018
It's a good experience with book my scans and Vista images, with in 2days booking , scanning and Reports are done felt very comfortable thank you book my scans..
Dt: 21-09-2018
The service offered was not expensive compared to other leading scan centres across the city. I am highly benefited with the service and look forward to more in the future.
Dt: 03-10-2018
I had an amazing experience. Never thought that I could book a scan online with so much ease and lesser costa. The turnaround time was also very quick and the follow-up by the app team was fantastic. Thank you.
Dt: 09-10-2018
Appointment confirmation received in very easy. 50 % discount received on booking. Good service received. Good management in every activity. Thanks to all management team.
Dt: 15-10-2018
Experience with BookMyScans was good. They handle booking and explain us on procedures. We got Sampige Diagnostics in Bengaluru which was good. They did procedure on time and provided PET scan within 3 to 4 hours. Doctor and assistants are courteous. Also they explain problem areas. Overall good experience with BookMyScans and diagnostic. Low price with quality diagnosis. I recommend bookmyscans. Thanks.
Dt: 15-10-2018
I would like to thank you for your quick appointment and good service. I could complete my whole body PET CT scan from Nuclear scan center in Khoperkhairne, Navimumbai , by spending only rupees 9999. I will recommend to my friends and relatives to avail your service. Nuclear scan center is well equipped and well managed. I could complete my scan in minimum time without much waiting.
Dt: 19-10-2018
Experience was awesome...The service was too good at lowest price in the city.Never expected PET scan at this much low...
Dt: 22-10-2018
It was nice to book scan with this site. I enquired a lot for the nearest and the cheapest diagnostic centres Bookmyscans gave me the best deal available.
Dt: 22-10-2018
Thank you very much for saving 37% on my scan cost. I got an estimation of Rs 11,000/-(After request Rs 1,000 Discounted by a Manager) for 3T MRI scan (Contrast) in Chennai. I checked through Bookmyscans and ended up @ 6,900/- with Celara Diagnostics, Bangalore. The staffs are well behaved at the lab, due to some emergency our booking got delayed by 45 minutes. My request to Bookmyscans, kindly extend your remarkable service throughout pan India.
Dt: 23-10-2018
I booked silver women package from bookmyscans and I am very happy with the services and support offered by the team. The package covered many services and I am happy I chose the service from bookmyscans at an affordable rates. Keep up the good service and support.
Dt: 24-10-2018
It was nice experience with book my scan. Its easy to book the health test. Customer care is very responsive. They called me, understand my test requirements, answer my queries and booked the test as per my convenient date and time. No hassle.
Dt: 24-04-2019
Ultimate.. Is the only word I can say.. Terrific pricing... I've done around 8 to 10 MRI till now for me and family.. Each time I used to pay at least 7.5k... MRI for 3.5K from similar diagnostic centres where we generally go oh yes.. I'll definitely recommend
Dt: 25-04-2019
Got good and prompt service. And off course saved a lot of money..Recommended many people
Dt: 26-04-2019
Thank you so much for your service. I would have paid rs. 21000 for the pet scan. But though bookmyscan I paid only 15000. Thank you so much.
Dt: 26-04-2019
A great and kind service with a valuable and meaningful discount for MRI Scan.. The Most and highly recommended.
Dt: 26-04-2019
ThIs kind if service helps the middle class people to avail all those expensive services and Also helps you !! If i had to give stars out of 10 i would give 10 on 10
Dt: 26-04-2019
Thanks for great help. We got the right facility at right time. Tidal waters, palarivattam provided great service. We got the schedule as per booked and there was no delay. Employees are cooperating and well behaving. We got report within 2 hours. Results and report were clear.
Dt: 27-04-2019
Pulse Hitect at Goregaon (West), have given excellent service and the staff were cordial.
Dt: 02-05-2019
Good experience. Courteous staff at designated center. Very cost effective. Thank you BMS!!!
Dt: 03-05-2019
Fantastic service, very accurate result we can. Challenge Any hospital rates it is open and clear Economy Rate ,it is very helpfull to all class people's(. No Rich no middle class no poor ) all are equal. Thank you. Bookmyscans
Dt: 03-05-2019
Very happy with the service. Very cost effective and efficient.
Dt: 03-05-2019
Happy to get my scans through boikmyscan. It was quick and lot cheaper!
Dt: 03-05-2019
I had done the scan thru Book my scan for my father and i experienced very pleasant service from Aarthi scans. Cost wise it very less when compared with all scan centres.
Dt: 04-05-2019
Through bookmyscan it was easy to book my ct scans. It got me good discount on the scan's rate. Even Shiva the representative from ebisu was very helpful in guiding and granting the discount.
Dt: 08-05-2019
It was very good and could able to get the good service at lower price compare other labs....
Dt: 08-05-2019
Thank you for making it affordable and easily accessible , with good coordination from book my scan and the mpct hospital
Dt: 08-05-2019
Very good service, I almost save 4500/- by accepting their effer.
Dt: 10-05-2019
I booked my MRI scan from bookmyscans. They helped me identify good scan centre with discounted price.
Dt: 12-05-2019
It was a great experience with Bookmyscan. Where all the diagnostic centre around the city were charging more than 4000 bucks for a CT PNS, I got it for only 1750 through Bookmyscan.
Dt: 15-05-2019
Got a 3T MRI Scan, at discounted price. Received good service at the diagnostic center.
Dt: 16-05-2019
Had a good experience. Got the scan done in a discounted price. This app was really helpful
Dt: 17-05-2019
Hello sir/madam, I pleasure to share my feedback with Book My Scan. I was suffering from backpain in last week and my family doctor advised me for urgent MRI. As I was not being able to stand also I was feared about lab so I searched on internet and Luckily I got bookmyscan website. I shared required information and quickly I got call from your customer care department. They shown me nearby lab addresses and luckily I got near my home only. I got an discount of 2500/- from my final test bill. So, I would like to appreciate the service provide by BMS. Keep it up and all the best for future endeavors. Thanks and Regards, Shree Ghorpade +91 9664892760
Dt: 17-05-2019
The service provided was very good
Dt: 17-05-2019
Very good service from your side,will give u more then 5 stars, thanks a lot
Dt: 21-05-2019
Booked an MRI through bookmyscan and got a 50% discount. This is a legit site and the whole process was simple and hassle free. I ended up going to the same lab where I would have otherwise paid full price. Recommend their service
Dt: 21-05-2019
I am satisfied with the recommendations by you. It was a very good diagnostic centre and I saved a lot of money on my MRI scan - 50%!!! Why not save on what you can.
Dt: 21-05-2019
Thank you for your service, its really appreciatable, we are happy with your offer, good service thank you
Dt: 21-05-2019
Easy and time saving job u people had done in a required price and place, we are very happy with your service.
Dt: 21-05-2019
The service was great, and i will recommend my other frnds if they need
Dt: 21-05-2019
Service is excellent and good communication
Dt: 21-05-2019
Book my scans is really helping a lot with providing best rates rather than the hospital rates. I saved Rs.3500 on my MRI scan with book my scans
Dt: 23-05-2019
Excellent service and value for money.
Dt: 23-05-2019
Great service at a very good price offered by Book my Scan. Thanks
Dt: 24-05-2019
I have booked first time online scan and I got immediate response from the team with my suitable time appointment and and almost 50% discount on MRI scan. I would recommend to all to book their scan from bookmyscan
Dt: 15-06-2019
BookMyScans is awesome! I submitted a request for MRI Ls Spine in Hyderabad, I got a call form customer care within couple of minutes and appointment booked immediately in a nearest Scanning Center. The scan cost was 3150/- where the other centers were charing 7500/-. Thanks BookMyScan! Also more people should aware of this service so that this will help people who can't afford expensive scans.
Dt: 17-06-2019
Great! I saved a lot of money.. 5.5k.. and very professional service. Imagine spending 9k to know your knee scan was not required versus 3.5k. They even gave me complimentary CT scan as well
Dt: 01-07-2019
I was absolutely delighted by my experience at book my scan. Although I was surprised that they didn’t give out appointments, they did explain that they often had to accommodate emergencies. The waiting time was not long, and it was a wonderful gesture to see rounds of tea and coffee on a rainy morning. The staff were thoughtful and kind in how they explained the procedure to the patient. And of course, booking through book my scan give us a sizeable discount over what would otherwise spend a prohibitively expensive procedure.
Dt: 14-07-2019
Am very happy to have booked my MRI scan with this website. I literally paid only half price for a scan when a year ago I paid full price for a similar MRI.
Dt: 23-07-2019
Good service team. Affordable and accurate. Thanks
Dt: 24-07-2019
Very good. Very fast. Cooperative staff.
Dt: 02-08-2019
It was nice experience with the site, Health Centre was good, no issue at counter . Fully Recommended to others.
Dt: 17-08-2019
Nice service, got the MRI scan at a very reasonable price.
Dt: 19-08-2019
It really helped me because the mri brain scan charged 7200.Since I went through book my scans it charged 3500 which is extremely good
Dt: 19-08-2019
It was very convenient booking a scan here.
Dt: 22-08-2019
Easy process. Quick booking. Good discount. Helpful executive
Dt: 28-08-2019
Call was attended immediately. They gave us the scan center as near to my house as possible. Very reliable and helpful source.
Dt: 31-08-2019
Service rendered from each department is something to be appreciated, responses were quite good. Satisfactory.
Dt: 03-09-2019
Thank you for the helping many people who are unable to pay exorbitant amounts for MRI's in most hospitals and scan centres. This is a boon for many.
Dt: 03-09-2019
Excellent service
Dt: 04-09-2019
I got what I need thnx bookmyscans it's very nice n helpfull
Dt: 14-09-2019
It was very helpful to me,bookmyscan cost very low cost and high quality print,thank you so much
Dt: 17-09-2019
I had opted for Platinum health check-up program for my parents , I am totally happy with check-up process which was followed through by your team very well. The cost of the program is very affordable and trustworthy . Finally the consultation with the doctor was also good
Dt: 17-09-2019
very happy with the service, and got me a much much cheaper deal for my MRI. thanks !
Dt: 18-09-2019
Strongly recommending to use this service to get good discounts for all type of scannings
Dt: 21-09-2019
You guys are doing noble work. Cheers n Kudos
Dt: 24-09-2019
It might not seem geniune at first but this really works and the best part is apart from this being inexpensive, it has provided me the service of one of the best/popular diagnostic centre in my locality.
Dt: 24-09-2019
I went here for MRI scan. I felt that staff is very helpful and supportive. Very cost efficient.
Dt: 25-09-2019
Excellent Utility and Service to help needy patients with a very economical alternative to do the necessary MRI or CT scans . God Bless You.
Dt: 26-09-2019
Reasonable price, for needy Poor's who really can't afford to pay much bills this book my scan is very much helpful that in half price they can make this check-up more u can means keep helping
Dt: 28-09-2019
Happy with the service provided by bookmyscans... MRI scanning was done at 3500 only.. Thank u for ur service
Dt: 28-09-2019
Really appreciate the service. Mumbai must have much of these services.
Dt: 03-10-2019
Thank u book my scan for saving my time and money.... I was supposed to wait for 5 hrs for scan and another 4 hrs for the report, option given by book my scan made it happen with in an hour n they charged half the price of what I was supposed to pay....
Dt: 05-10-2019
Brilliant help and service. Appreciate the patience and quick services and guidance extended. Reqlly recommend
Dt: 05-10-2019
I got 40% discount behalf of ur side. Book my scan. Com. Really u people are doing great job. Any budy can use this. Nice experience. And fast work. Will give u 5 stars for this.
Dt: 15-10-2019
Service was awesome both from Bookmyscan and Celera Diagnostics. It was a good experience overall..
Dt: 16-11-2019
I had done MRI left knee. The process was simple. The appointment was arranged by BMS & I had to just schedule my time. Future diagonostics was superb and also arranged to deliver the report at my home. I will give a 10/10 rating to BMS
Dt: 16-11-2019
I was looking for full body check up and came across book my scans online. It was really easy to use, excellent customer service and really affordable. I filled a form online and got a call back to discuss various options. Could get an appointment the next day for my scans and blood samples. Doctors consultation was also included to discuss the results. I highly recommend book my scans for a very easy and cost affective way of keeping your health in check. Especially 5 stars to the customer service team.
Dt: 02-12-2019
I'm fully Satisfied , this Diagnostic is not only Business purpose , really , This Diagnostic Centre Is the "Cheap & Best " for Middleclass People for their Treatment
Dt: 24-12-2019
I booked MRI test for my Mother through BookmyScan and got promt reply via call and SMS. No hassle at Pathology lab. Really appreciate and recommend Book My Scan .
Dt: 27-12-2019
Very satisfied in term of spcicific lab & no doubt about price. I did MRI Brain scan of my Dad.Veryy affordable & the support team were very cooperative.Big hats up to bookmyscans team.
Dt: 02-01-2020
Book my scans is certainly helpful organisation which has facilitated the patients with very reasonable and affordable price. for full Abdomen, pelvis and other body scanning. I appreciate.
Dt: 29-01-2020
This was my first experience with online booking on Bookmyscans. I had booked platinum package for myself and my wife. The person came for blood sample collection very much on time and i chose scan center of my choice. Everything went very well and experienced what was claimed in the package. I felt it was worth and l plan to consider Bookmyscans next time too. Thanks!
Dt: 03-02-2020
Thank you for the kind of service you are giving. You guys are really genuine and provide timely and transparent service. I would like to specially thank the person who called me this morning, he was very humble & tried to help me every possible way. 5 ratings to him. Thank you team bookmyscans for starting such a service which saves money for people who really need & winning trust that will multiply. Regards Chetan Pardeshi
Dt: 07-02-2020
Really great to see a website that is so true and legit. I would have paid 5500 for the same scan at the same centre but I came across Bookmyscans and just paid 3500 with your help. Thanks a lot. And waiting time was less too because of book my scans.
Dt: 10-02-2020
the service provided by you was quick and effective. I used your service to help was my relative. He too was very happy to know the discount amount.
Dt: 10-02-2020
All scan centre compare to bookmyscans is very good services give the customers and low price to other scan Centre..... Thanku so much
Dt: 11-02-2020
Amazing support to get wonderful service at reasonable price. Very well coordination and precise booking at the convenience
Dt: 13-02-2020
Nice experience with book my scan and good service from Nidan diagnostic also
Dt: 13-02-2020
Thanks the entire team of bookmyscans for doing this noble cause by providing diagnosis test at nominal rates that is almost my doorstep ( nearest professional, reputed diagnosis centre). Many Many Thanks!
Dt: 13-02-2020
I had tried for CT Scan for my mother. Got a very good discount. Worthy!
Dt: 14-02-2020
I was thrilled to know that bookmyscans offered a much lesser cost when compared to the normal rates available in the market. When I booked My CT-PNS scan through their portal, I was able to avail a discount of more than 60% of the total cost. I got it done in Lucid diagnostic center. Better price, better quality & best diagnostic center in Hyderabad. What more do you need folks. Spread the Word to your friends, family & relatives.
Dt: 18-02-2020
Did MRI in Arti scan with the help of Book my scan. Just updated my requirements in portal of bookmyscan, very next moment received confirmation call and a text message. It's one of best experience and services to people. Thanks book my scan.
Dt: 20-02-2020
I'm blessed to have known this website. I've recommended to many of my friends as well. Through Book my scan i was able to afford the scan. It was VERY economical, i paid only half of the amount for my CT-PNS scan(Para nasal sinusitis). Thanks alot for your service.
Dt: 28-02-2020
Owesome experience good job book my scam and team
Dt: 29-02-2020
Really useful platform, I appreciate this kind of innovation because nowadays its difficult for a common man to afford the medical treatment although it is essential hence this platform helps to save handsome amount of money . I have recommended this website to some of my known people also . @book my scans you should start this service across india . Thanks and regards Harsh Verma
Dt: 29-02-2020
Good and quick service. got better deals when I booked tests from bookmyscans rather than arriving at diagnostic centre directly.
Dt: 02-03-2020
Excellent service & very good discount Will definitely recommend friends & relations
Dt: 11-03-2020
Your service is more valuable and satisfied
Dt: 12-03-2020
I've used the service of book my scan, first I've doubt how they work and I decided if they demand advance price i'll refuse the same. but now im very much happy with the service and prices of scan of bookmyscan. I think every one can use this service and save your time and money. Ajay Sharma
Dt: 13-03-2020
super sevice and save lot of money thank a lot book my scan
Dt: 13-03-2020
Good job ..and nice work ..I get brain scan with low amount.
Dt: 13-03-2020
Wonderful experience with hassle free procedure of doing research as you get best price in comparison to other competitors and get appointment on spot
Dt: 13-03-2020
The CT scan charges were reasonable and was honored by Vipraa Diagnosics. Very good service...keep it up.
Dt: 14-03-2020
Excellent service done thanks to book my scan
Dt: 16-03-2020
It is so nice and affordable. Secondly the team of bookmyscan is too prompt. Thanks a lot
Dt: 16-03-2020
It's very authentic. Good service. Very reasonable price. Lowest in the City. I am very happy with the support and service. Thank you
Dt: 29-03-2020
Book my scan is having good Chennal partner and cost wise it’s very cheap compare to other hospital I found 45% lesser rate .
Dt: 06-04-2020
Had a great experience at reasonable prices thank you book my scan
Dt: 13-04-2020
In the time of lockdown where there was a cash crunch, your 50% discount on scan helped me a lot. Thank you for your great service.
Dt: 18-04-2020
Amazing service.. got MRI done at a decent discount. Very happy with the service and will definitely recommend it to everyone.
Dt: 25-04-2020
Sushmita assisted over WhatsApp and provided all relevant details. I was looking for 3T MRI in specific. She got an appointment fixed in 10 min and also assured that it's what I was looking for. And the Scan Clinic was a good one as well. Soo... this service is available right when you need it and they can help with details. Thx
Dt: 02-05-2020
Good price for MRI . Everyone should always compare prices with Bookmyscan to get best deal. Also their executive was very helpful... Thank you Book My Scan
Dt: 06-05-2020
Very quick in replying and get amazing discounts as compared to the normal scan tests. I recommend all to use Book my scan for any MRI or any scans booking. The call centre ppl are very helpful. Once I had issue at the clinic about the scan and the clinic was not refunding the amount, I called the Book my scan call centre they spoke and they resolved my problem immediately. Their services are amazing.
Dt: 08-05-2020
Bookmyscan Excellent discount rates. People please try Bookmyscan My mother did MRI LS spine yesterday from bookmyscan Rs 4000 ,I have got quotation from maxis diagnostic 7500 but at bookmyscan I have saved 3500.,,, thanking you.
Dt: 09-05-2020
Bookmyscan Excellent discount rates. People please try Bookmyscan My mother did MRI LS spine yesterday from bookmyscan Rs 4000 ,I have got quotation from maxis diagnostic 7500 but at bookmyscan I have saved 3500.,,, thanking you.
Dt: 09-05-2020
Initially I did not believe this price and I was thinking about the quality of service and reports. Then I checked with customer care, they explained the process and number people had taken this services.Then I visited to the center, took the services it was excellent and scan center persons were so nice. Finally book my scans saved Rs.3500 for this MRI. Unbelievable ! Let's avoid the refereing doctors commission and go via bookmyscans it will save 50% of your money for each service. Excellent service by bookmarks.
Dt: 09-05-2020
Very helpful staff and had a good experience with the service.
Dt: 11-05-2020
It is indeed very convenient and rates are very less than other labs. The experience was flawless.
Dt: 12-05-2020
Excellent Service specially to Sushmaji,who has done everything for us to get the best possible service.
Dt: 15-05-2020
It was a good experience using this application overall good experience wll recommend everyone to use this app. Thank you.
Dt: 16-05-2020
good service with better price my actual price of scanning was 8800 I made it here for 4800
Dt: 26-05-2020
It was really wonderful experience. MRI done for my father at almost half the price asked in hospital. Quality of service was equal to the hospital I was showing. Really good service. God bless you guys.
Dt: 28-05-2020
Great thanks
Dt: 02-06-2020
Very Nice Service and Comparatively Reasonable rate of CT scan.Thanks .Very Satisfied
Dt: 03-06-2020
I had pet CT scan done for my mother. The facility was very hygienic and the entire process was done as per schedule shared one day earlier. The doctors and staff was very helpful. Thanks to bookmyscans for organising the best lab available with the most competitive price.
Dt: 06-06-2020
It was nice experience with bookmyscan. Almost I saved 6000 rs with the help of bookmyscan. I would definitely refer this website as relief for any diagnosis. All the best.
Dt: 12-06-2020
I use bookmyscans for CT-Scan It's really nice very Supportive and very responsive and minimise the cost thanks team.
Dt: 09-08-2020
Best service. Affordable cost - half of market rate. Loyalty business and not transactional business. Customer support is good. Request to expand your business for more easy access.
Dt: 10-09-2020
Very much beneficial commercially and getting tests at very reputed centers at discounted prices. Keep helping people like this.
Dt: 17-09-2020
Thankyou Book my heartfelt gratitude was an urgent need to get at ct scan done for my father but we couldn't find it affording .U guys were very helpful and offered reasonable rates..thank a lot will always recommend this sight for one who needs.Executive are very polite and friendly
Dt: 23-09-2020
It was good experience for me and my father to do MRI scan for his brain. We reached there on time and within 20 minutes they completed scanning. They gave the report after 2 hours exactly what they promised after the scan. Overall it was good experience and we recommend others to do scan in Tidewater scan centre.
Dt: 24-09-2020 is professional org focusing on saving the cost of various scans we do. I have experienced this twice with my CT scan and MR DEFECOGRAPHY. such a wonderfull org. God bless you.
Dt: 24-10-2020
Very good experience. I am really fhankful to Book My Scan for providing me with the cheaper rates for CT Scan.
Dt: 29-10-2020
I booked bot MRI scans for mom. Wherever I enquired about the pricing it was almost going above 15k. I searched for MRI discount on Google and came across this website and made a booking for MRI scans. I got a call from representative and they guided me accordingly and gave some options where the scans will be done in discounted pricing. I selected a hospital and I got a discount of almost 7k for 2 scans. All I can say is that these people are life savers. Love your service and keep up the good work.
Dt: 02-11-2020
Thank you for the great service and discount. Brain MRI was done just in 3500 instead of 6500. Highly appreciated this and will definitely recommend bookmyscan to others.
Dt: 05-11-2020
I'm so happy you guys have chose the affordable and best mri scan centre near me. Really worked.... big THANK YOU
Dt: 18-11-2020
Good experience and very negotiable i like it thank u BMS
Dt: 29-11-2020
Bookmyscans is an excellent online platform where we can book our scans for worthy price with good hospitality and care!! I'm so thankful for your service given and would surely contact you for any future scans too,tq so much!!Mr Mohan needs a special mention too,tq Mohan.
Dt: 06-12-2020
Excellent service. Very helpful and prompt . Had no issue for appointment or reports
Dt: 09-12-2020
Thanks for offering this useful service in my city, I was able get the PET scan done for my patient at very competitive rates. The test process at the diagnostic centre was quite smooth. You may pls improve upon your booking process however. Sent message to the WhatsApp no but no response. Finally I got response from the chat facility on your website
Dt: 15-12-2020
Very good work book my scan
Dt: 15-12-2020
Yes, I am fully satisfied with your service.
Dt: 19-12-2020
Dear all Bookmyscan team, I am Anilkumar Markana, 9099385884, based at Gandhinagar, Gujarat. I want to put my sincere thanks to entire  Bookmyscan  team, administrators who helped me in undergoing my Knee MRI scan in Just Rs. 3150/-. Kindly note that in general, hospital charges 4500/- to 5000/- Rs. for doing Knee MRI scan. The place where I have done my MRI scan was Suryam Imaging Centre, Ahmedabad on 28 Dec 2020. The staff and Dr at centre were also cordial. Please extend my gratitude to those also. Once again THANKS for this kind help. I will propagate your offers to my neighbours, friends and needy. wishes and regards, Anilkumar Markana 9099385884
Dt: 05-01-2021
Excellent rate offered, minimum discount you get is 40% ,great initiative, keep up the good work. I thank them whole heartedly.Mahesh 9880676884
Dt: 11-01-2021
It was excellent service others are asking for 8000 but with bookmu scan I got MRI of 2500
Dt: 01-02-2021
I had a good experience at Aarthi scans. Thank you for referring them to me.
Dt: 03-02-2021
There was a immediate response from the team. Excellent service
Dt: 05-02-2021
Good discount and ease of booking appointment with a good scan center. Saved time and money for me. Very professional in their approach.
Dt: 15-02-2021
Booked an MRI scan through Bookmyscan portal. The response was good and the cost of the scan also 30 to 40 % less than market rate.
Dt: 16-02-2021
Excellent service and follow up. Got discounts upto 60%.
Dt: 17-02-2021
Very good service from bookmyscan . everything went smoothly.. I am feeling lucky . also got huge discount on C T scan..thank you very much..I will definitely recommend you service to everyone .
Dt: 23-02-2021
Very good service from bookmyscan . everything went smoothly.. I am feeling lucky . also got huge discount on C T scan..thank you very much..I will definitely recommend you service to everyone .
Dt: 23-02-2021
Good service. Employee Mohammed was very concern n helped us throughout the post Especially at last moment . Thanks to him n God bless him
Dt: 04-03-2021
It was very good experience to Book my CT Scan and Dexa Scan with we get privilege services and good discounted prices.
Dt: 05-03-2021
Safe hands diagnosis centre,Miyapur Hyderabad service is far excellent and staff is so helpful specially that radiologist - kudos brother! And bookmyscan gives 50% off to normal rates and customer care staff suggest you with patiently and they are very helpful. I done my MRI LS SPINE in just 3100. Other diagnosis centers charge nearly 6500 Thanks to diagnosis centre and bookmyscan
Dt: 10-03-2021
I have done MRI Scan through book my scan with almost half the current market rate.
Dt: 12-03-2021
Thanks a lot for the discount
Dt: 16-03-2021
I did PET CT scan in Apollo hospital thru book my scan. I got good discount. Thanks to bookmyscan.
Dt: 16-03-2021
The care taken was amazing..
Dt: 17-03-2021
Good experience
Dt: 18-03-2021
It's quick and easy booking, cheaper price, nice service, scan centre was nearby, quick service, professional scanning done
Dt: 20-03-2021
Smooth process Thanks for helping me throughout I will certainly refer u further
Dt: 22-03-2021
Excellent and quick service and great support for discount of the price Thank you Team bookmyscan
Dt: 22-03-2021
Excellent service
Dt: 22-03-2021
My experience with Book My Scan was excellent! I booked for an MRI scan through BMS and got a very handsome discount. The usual charge for the scan was Rs. 6000/- but I got it done for less than Rs. 4000/-! Thanks team BMS a lot. Keep it up!
Dt: 24-03-2021
Good caring while process is gojng
Dt: 26-03-2021
Very good service, compare to others 50% money saved by me through book my scan
Dt: 30-03-2021
Very good service & 100% satisfaction
Dt: 31-03-2021
Good diagonistic centre with all modern apparatus
Dt: 03-04-2021
The best in Kolkata. If you are looking for low cost CT, MRI Scan then bookmyscan is a no-brainer
Dt: 09-04-2021
Value for money
Dt: 19-04-2021
Over all good experience, but you should have more lab in panel and better discounted offers
Dt: 26-04-2021
Great team working behind. Seamless process and best thing about them is their transperency. Thank you bookmyscans and their employee Waseem.
Dt: 18-05-2021
Gud service thanks to book my scans
Dt: 18-05-2021
Amazing service.. thanks for arranging it so quickly.. the rep was too good!
Dt: 19-05-2021
Happy with your service and less price, it may help so many people. Thankyou.
Dt: 20-05-2021
Very thanks to bookmy scans
Dt: 21-05-2021
Great discount provided on right knee MRI. When i provided coupon code at Sahyadri hospital, they provided 35 discount on final price. Very good customer care service for help and support is provided by bookmyscans.
Dt: 22-05-2021
aarti mri scan facility was good and reasonable. please open more centre like this in Mumbai chembur ghatkopar
Dt: 24-05-2021
Thank you for your support... we got easily appointment for CT scan. And got concession. Once again Thank you so much. ?
Dt: 25-05-2021
Very happy with the prompt support extended. Shall definitely recommend to others too.
Dt: 25-05-2021
Good service
Dt: 28-05-2021
Good and prompt response and awesome experience
Dt: 29-05-2021
Quick, nice, cost effective. Thank you BMS
Dt: 30-05-2021
The service is good
Dt: 31-05-2021
Dt: 01-06-2021
It was good experience and also got the MRI scanning at such a low price, excellent website to have our medical test booked.
Dt: 02-06-2021
Very good service
Dt: 03-06-2021
Seamless process during booking the scan and Very helpful team.
Dt: 04-06-2021
Very good response by Book My Scan executive had quick response for booking an appointment, even after scan, had a confirmation enquiry. Request B M S to have more tie-up with many more diagnostic centre.
Dt: 07-06-2021
Worth and trustful services
Dt: 09-06-2021
Fantastic service by Bookmyscans. I got a discount of 8k on CT Scan. They arranged the appt in Ruby Hall Clinic which is one of the best in city. Highly recommended!
Dt: 11-06-2021
Reasonable prices. Though total time taken at the centre was much higher than expectation, overall satisfactory experience
Dt: 14-06-2021
Happy with the quick response from Mr Lankesh . Very cost effective & great service
Dt: 16-06-2021
nice ...exprience very well service
Dt: 19-06-2021
Excellent service and discount offered by BOOKMYSCANS. Totally worth. A big thumbs up to the team
Dt: 05-07-2021
Scan was smooth. No waiting time for CT scan. Reports provided as per specified time. No waiting time for report collection. Only concern was extra 200 rupees was charged for disposable sheet which was not informed earlier by book my scan. Rest everything was good.
Dt: 05-07-2021
I got very good discount using services of Bookmyscan. It was genuine. Absolutely happy & satisfied. I recommend everyone to try their services Before going directly to any scan centre.
Dt: 08-07-2021
Great service. I got done MRI in half of price.
Dt: 08-07-2021
Booked MRI for my mother and within 15 minutes they have booked a slot with a very good discounted price
Dt: 09-07-2021
Excellent service in half price
Dt: 10-07-2021
Very Nice and Prompt Service. Rate also very moderate. I like this.
Dt: 10-07-2021
Thank you book my scan for the hefty discount... You are doing a great job, an MRI was scheduled by them at Pulse Mira road, Thane, experience was smooth we just need to provide a coupon code and instantly will get the discount which was nearly 40% which is quite impressive. Again thanks for the follow up ms. Bharati she took care and have proper information about the test and process and helped with our queries. Big thanks!!! BOOKMYSCANS
Dt: 11-07-2021
Many Many thanks to MS. BHARATHI. Hello everyone, You all will be happy to know that I have covered whole Delhi But I haven't found anything like this anywhere, They seriously help me to save my money. I only paid 4500/- for CECT SCAN (CONTRAST). Highly recommended just go threw with them & trust them. Again huge thanks to Ms. Bharathi
Dt: 11-07-2021
Great work
Dt: 12-07-2021
I am with your service
Dt: 13-07-2021
Excellent service at affordable prices.
Dt: 13-07-2021
It's a very nice experience to book a scan via bookmyscan. The services and personal attention given by you and your team is appreciable. I would like to thanks Mr. Farooq who give personal attention to me and solve my most of the queries and obstacle. Thank you Regard Akash Prasad
Dt: 13-07-2021
Great help. My MRI cost reduced by 50 %.
Dt: 14-07-2021
Very good customer service and very good discount they given. Thanks
Dt: 14-07-2021
Bookmyecan is amazing aap, seriously its save my 4000 rupees and discount me to 60 to 70% I always recommend to bookmyscan it's wonderful service great contact with amazing lab,. Thank you so much bookmyscan.
Dt: 16-07-2021
Low cost Feasible Very good
Dt: 17-07-2021
I'm very satisfied. Thanks.
Dt: 17-07-2021
Great service at affordable price.
Dt: 19-07-2021
Recently discovered bookmyscans. This is an amazing service. I will recommend this to everyone! Thank you
Dt: 20-07-2021
Bookmyscan made it so easy to get access to an imaging center, a very good and reliable one that too. The quality of the centre was very good.
Dt: 20-07-2021
Excellent, Quick appointment and Economical service!!!
Dt: 23-07-2021
Book my scan service is superb. madam help me a lot. It is very good and helpful. Every one use this. Keep it up.
Dt: 24-07-2021
Very good service I am fully satisfied about your service, customer executive is also very cooperative Thanks for your support
Dt: 28-07-2021
These days scan cost are too much. I wanted to book amd MRI for wife. While doing online search i came across bookmyscan and at 1st i thought was it genuine showing 1/2the cost. I still booked it online later i got the coupon code and it really worked 7000ts MRI in 3700 only... Just great. Thank you bookmyscan
Dt: 29-07-2021
Thank you book my scan
Dt: 30-07-2021
Overall Good I Liked It.
Dt: 02-08-2021
The services were convenient and could book from home. The rates were much cheaper than directly available at the diagnostic centres.
Dt: 03-08-2021
Excellent service at very cost effective rates
Dt: 09-08-2021
Nice experience with book my scan .Also discount was good
Dt: 10-08-2021
Good service and reasonable pricing
Dt: 10-08-2021
This is really helpful platform to save hard earned money at the time of need fir diagnosis of diseases using MRI and CT. The saving makes a lot of difference in the patient journey.
Dt: 11-08-2021
Very good service
Dt: 14-08-2021
I loved the service. Rates are too low when compared to private rates
Dt: 14-08-2021
Good supportive.. thank you
Dt: 16-08-2021
Very good service, and helpful to customers. They have provided competitive rate.
Dt: 16-08-2021
I was deeply satisfied by the communication and follow up from the representative Mr. Lankesh. The discount offered is unmatched and the service is prompt too, even in the late hours of the day. I am always going to book all my scanning needs from BookMyScans and would recommend others to try their service once.
Dt: 18-08-2021
Booked MRI right shoulder of my mother thru bookmyscan & got appointment easily on discounted price
Dt: 19-08-2021
It was wow experience and very economical costing gud ambience clean diagnostic center book my scan gives the lowest costing....Gid job by book my scan
Dt: 21-08-2021
Good very good . Immediately reply.
Dt: 22-08-2021
I love this service.
Dt: 24-08-2021
Best way to book medical appointment. Excellent customer support (By Farooq).
Dt: 25-08-2021
Dt: 25-08-2021
Happy with the service and quick response
Dt: 26-08-2021
Good experience saved my money
Dt: 26-08-2021
I happen to see book my scan in the internet, I spoke to lankesh in book my scan & he made the process very easy for me.. I am thankful to lankesh & book my scan.. I would strongly recommend as it is comparatively cheaper and quality wise superior
Dt: 28-08-2021
Good experience money wise very good discount
Dt: 29-08-2021
Dt: 31-08-2021
Goodservice and great work
Dt: 01-09-2021
Excellent service and response indeed! Started with skepticism. However as interaction progressed with patience and support all queries were addressed. Appointment got booked and done with ease. More importantly is honest and transparent costing.. will use this again and recommend to others!!
Dt: 01-09-2021
Hi, Thank you so much for the discount for my CT scan it's really helped my health condition and finance
Dt: 06-09-2021
Quick & good service.. very economical. Totally liked it. Thank you Bookmyscans for good services!
Dt: 07-09-2021
It was a good service provided with good amount of discount!
Dt: 11-09-2021
It was really good service and experience you had..
Dt: 12-09-2021
Service is very good In a minute I got proper advice regarding scan. Thank you for providing good service and saving money
Dt: 12-09-2021
Highly recommend..fabulous support from Mr. Farooq (representative)
Dt: 12-09-2021
Excellent response and very economical rates managed thru the portal. Good show!
Dt: 17-09-2021
Good service at affordable prices
Dt: 20-09-2021
Excellent follow up. Superb helping and organising. This is the second time I am going through BOOKMYSCAN. Worth it.
Dt: 22-09-2021
Book my scans is very useful , they helps to find good and pocket friendly centers near you.
Dt: 23-09-2021
It's very useful for us to save money as well as good service from book my scans
Dt: 27-09-2021
Excellent service go ahead
Dt: 27-09-2021
I have booked through book my scan i saved my money as well as their good service thank you so much
Dt: 28-09-2021
Excellent experience, accuracy in reports ,good customer service and support provided by staff. Timely received the reports and updates about testing process was also shared time to time.
Dt: 28-09-2021
Excellent service, very convinienent and reasonable price but only few centres are available in kolkata. But very genuine and transparent I must say.
Dt: 30-09-2021
Best price for Scan and MRI with reputed diagnostics. Good Service by Bookmy Scans
Dt: 04-10-2021
Very genuinely serving needed things. Got good discount and flexible/immediate appointment
Dt: 04-10-2021
Good service
Dt: 06-10-2021
Excellent service! Keep it up!
Dt: 11-10-2021
Great Discount , Customer centric
Dt: 11-10-2021
Really it is a very good platform to book MRI scan in cheapest rate in reputed labs at Bangalore. Due to this I have saved almost 50 percent of my money. Thank you very much.
Dt: 14-10-2021
Really great service. I suggest you go to automation to reduce man power usage.
Dt: 15-10-2021
The service and the tracking was very impressive. Got a good discounted price for the MRI scan
Dt: 16-10-2021
Very good service. I got 45 per cent discount through bookmyscan.
Dt: 18-10-2021
Excellent solution for scan requirement. They suggested me the best and cost effective scan center. Also, additional discount was provided as i booked it via bookmyscans. Thank you.
Dt: 18-10-2021
So satisfied with the team. Within minutes they responded my request and helped to book and get CT scan with very reasonable price.
Dt: 20-10-2021
All went well and timely. Thanks for the help.
Dt: 22-10-2021
Feels good to have found bookmyscan before booking my scan. At the same diagnostics lab, I paid less than 50% of the MRI scan price.. Never imagined this could be real
Dt: 23-10-2021
Waseem had helped in the past and this time he went above and beyond. Thanks Waseem
Dt: 24-10-2021
Highly satisfied and Customer care support is super fast in resolving queries
Dt: 25-10-2021
Very cooperative staff and clear process of booking . No hidden cost involved.
Dt: 29-10-2021
Good scan at low cost. Thank you
Dt: 30-10-2021
Randomly my girlfriend and i stumbled upon this site as we were looking for the cheapest MRI's in Pune and was just trying our luck and was beyond surprised of what bookmyscans did to my final bill, a straight 50% deduction on my bill not only made me happy but ive shared the site with both family and friends to try it out
Dt: 30-10-2021
Very very good and quick service. Representatives are very helpful. Thank you very much for your support.
Dt: 30-10-2021
Good service and staff behavior is good
Dt: 02-11-2021
Service is really nice.
Dt: 02-11-2021
Excellent service
Dt: 08-11-2021
Amazing quick service. Don't have to worry about choosing the centre. Saves you money. Keep up the good work.
Dt: 10-11-2021
Book my scan has helped me a lot to get our scan done in a city other than my native town during urgency. The price was very nominal the service centre was very satisfying and above all the booking was done and amended as per our convenience without any hassle at all. Thanks a ton to Bookmyscan team! Keep up the good job!!
Dt: 10-11-2021
Prompt service
Dt: 11-11-2021
Very easy to book and quick response
Dt: 15-11-2021
Fantastic experience. We able to do the scan 40% of the actual rate charged by the lab. Experience was very nice.
Dt: 15-11-2021
Very very cost effective on all scans. Guess it should be 40% less. Good going.
Dt: 16-11-2021
It's a good choice to choose bookmyscan
Dt: 16-11-2021
My experience with Bookmyscan has been excellent. Mr.Lankesh helped me upgrade my normal CT scan to Triphasic CT scan within a few minutes of discussion with Rubyhall clinic Hinjewadi Pune with a decent discount. Happy with overall experience. Thankyou Bookmyscan !
Dt: 25-11-2021
Truely helpful booking through Book my scans. Thanks.
Dt: 26-11-2021
Very well planned and at very best cost. Most cost effective, i must say. Thank you
Dt: 27-11-2021
Extremely nice and fast service .
Dt: 30-11-2021
Good service from book my scans and good coprate from the executive
Dt: 01-12-2021
I m satisfy
Dt: 03-12-2021
The response was very quick. Good knowledge about the service. Excellent ambience towards the needed service Swift actions taken regarding the needed emergency service e Cost effective service
Dt: 03-12-2021
I truly recommend bookmyscan. I was adviced to take 2MRIs., so i did some homework checking with the centre's and everywhere the total cost was around 16K. But while googling, came across bookmyscan, where in I got a quick response n appointment too with just 50% amt. I pd only 8K. Please check this site if any MRI has to be taken for better offers
Dt: 07-12-2021
Very good
Dt: 09-12-2021
Nice and smooth service with huge discount for scans
Dt: 15-12-2021
It helped me save cost, even more than a charity based laboratory. It was convenient to book. Happy till now. Yet to find how the test and it's result go. That would give Full idea on its correct tie-up too. All the best to Bookmyscan.
Dt: 16-12-2021
Had a great experience with a nice gesture
Dt: 20-12-2021
Service provide at very low cost really appreciate that... will be using bookmyscan for future requirements.
Dt: 20-12-2021
Very nice .I m so happy
Dt: 22-12-2021
Really worth it. What a superb job bookmyscans is doing. You get the price slashed to around 50% for tests.
Dt: 23-12-2021
Bookmyscans is awesome. Great service and amazing discounts. Thank you
Dt: 24-12-2021
Very good service
Dt: 27-12-2021
I got 50% discount on my knee MRI. I called hospital without any reference they said price is 7500, but later by Bookmyscan referral the price became 3750. I paid discounted amount to hospital which saved my money. Really thanks to Bookmyscan team.
Dt: 27-12-2021
Best service and very quick and affordable
Dt: 27-12-2021
Awesome. Everything is organised and followed up with patient time to time.
Dt: 28-12-2021
Good one ..i asked in Gobi they said to pay 6500, so I booked in book my scan ..they booked in 1 day and the rate was so cheap ..arthi scan center coimbatore , finally I spend 3150 for MRI scan ..want to thank for book my scan ..
Dt: 28-12-2021
Very fast and good service thanks for book my scan teams
Dt: 30-12-2021
MRI Scan booked for a very reasonable price. Very Happy with the Service. Thanks
Dt: 01-01-2022
It was a great experience with bookmyscan, from booking to do the test, the process was easy and conviniance, but one thing i can suggest that to tie up with more labs in different locations so that it will much more responsive from customer.
Dt: 07-01-2022
Thanks a Ton Book my scan. Really appreciate the effort of Md. Farooq... Thanks Again
Dt: 11-01-2022
Book My scan doing wonderful job. As most of people don't have any idea of this. So need to find some media .
Dt: 13-01-2022
Good Service at cheap price.
Dt: 17-01-2022
I was asked by doctor to get MRI Lumbar spine and screening of full spine. When checked with near by reputed labs they told it would cost 13000 So when I checked Bookmyscans they helped me get the scan and screening done for 4150
Dt: 18-01-2022
It was a very pleasant offer and the app " Book my scan "was a blessing to me.....everything went well and the service really helped me and my family a lot! I am very grateful to them. Thankyou
Dt: 18-01-2022
I Got my test in discount rate thanks to Bookmyscans.
Dt: 20-01-2022
I had CT Scan through bookmyscan. I earlier took the quotation from the same diagnostic center and later I planned to go there with bookmyscan. I got literally 4k discount to my CT scan. It was really great help and the service was awesome. They took an appointment immediately and shared the same with them as well. Overall really great experience I had. I really recommend to gi through bookmyscan you will surely find the difference.
Dt: 21-01-2022
Good service eith cost effective tests .
Dt: 25-01-2022
Excellent service thank you so much for your service
Dt: 27-01-2022
Reduced the cost by 80%. Very useful
Dt: 27-01-2022
Good service best supporting team best price any good
Dt: 31-01-2022
I am quite amazed and pleased with the Bookmyscans. The response , booking and the discount was an experience. Even the Aarthi Scan center we were referred to was quite a pleasant experience. Very empathetic and caring team at Aarthi Diagnostic I being a Dr will recommend my patients to use the services of Bookmyscans. Thank you team.
Dt: 02-02-2022
It was wonderful and hassle free experience booking my CT scans through Bookmyscans. They provided quotes from various hospitals and provided great deal along with schedule as per my convenience.
Dt: 03-02-2022
Good experience for MRI. Would be good to have more options like star imaging and NM medical etc
Dt: 03-02-2022
Best service and reasonable price .
Dt: 08-02-2022
Overall experience is good
Dt: 11-02-2022
Keep doing the good work. Amazing service and good support
Dt: 12-02-2022
Excellent customer support, which helped not only for booking, but post scan, received a message saying "Recover soon". Professional & caring team!
Dt: 12-02-2022
Awesome job! You made the booking hassle-free.
Dt: 14-02-2022
I am very Happy with the service by Book my scan. I would definitely recommend it to others.
Dt: 17-02-2022
Excellent as always.
Dt: 23-02-2022
Very, nice clean and sterile environment, huge patient and attendant waiting area, extremely helpful and friendly receptionist staff, even staff nurses and technicians were very polite and responded to all questions, patient changing room was also very clean, hygienic and lockers also available, thank you so much for a much satisfactory experience
Dt: 24-02-2022
Very nice service and best option for avail discounted rates for medical check ups.
Dt: 25-02-2022
Satisfied with the experience.. thank you team
Dt: 28-02-2022
Excellent service & cooperation.. Got a great discount.. executive explained each thing very precisely.. i already recommended book my scans to my friends & other family members..
Dt: 01-03-2022
Excellent customer service Thanks very much
Dt: 04-03-2022
Was searching for the best price for an mri and I came across this website. I registered and afted submitting my prescription got a call instantly at 6:30 am which I didn't expected. Got a coupon code which slashed the price and had my test done. Everything happened seamlessly. Just wanna say thank you so much for your assistance.
Dt: 04-03-2022
Lankesh helped us in booking an appointment with Sahyadri hospitals. The team at Sahyadri hospital were not able to see the appointment being scheduled. When I contacted Lankesh he instantly contacted the concerned Spoc and made things happen for me. Not only that he also followed up throughout the process. A big shout out o Lankesh for his excellent support.
Dt: 04-03-2022
Very good
Dt: 05-03-2022
I am very satisfied with the Scan service availed through bookmyscan portal, rate was very reasonable & the service provider treated us as normal walk in customer ! Your customer executive was also very courteous & efficient, Good luck !
Dt: 07-03-2022
Overall good experience and well coordination with Labs and on time reports delivered
Dt: 09-03-2022
Excellent Service !! Very fair prices and quality customer service!! . Further follow up need to be improved after booking confirmation.
Dt: 09-03-2022
I am very much satisfied with the service of Book my Scan services through which I was able to save money for diagnostics. Thank you
Dt: 12-03-2022
Absolutely amazing service at an amazing price! Most of the mri scans services charge upwards of 7.5k in Bangalore but through bookmyscans, I got it done for about half the price and the service was great too!
Dt: 16-03-2022
Awesome, seamless and hassle free experience throughout the whole process.
Dt: 22-03-2022
Very good service with reasonable price! Keep doing the good job
Dt: 22-03-2022
Good, and rates are competitively less
Dt: 23-03-2022
Very prompt response and guidance. Also got a good offer.
Dt: 23-03-2022
I am happy with ur service. Really you are doing good job.
Dt: 26-03-2022
Good and satisfied
Dt: 26-03-2022
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Very good service Appreciate the discount given Thank You so much God bless you
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Thank you so much for the booking appointment for my CT scan, Farooq was very helpful and really patience in answering all my queries. Would surely recommend this to everyone.
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Quick response and service. Great discounts on scans.
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if we can get hard copies that would we great . all the people cant maintain soft copies especially senior people . tests and coordination is excellent .
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Sir, I am happy and thankful for your timely help..
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Very best option for cheapest scaning facilities. Vendor is charging more than what you sent while demanding for CD. Pls include CD in your package itself.
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Easy to use website, easy to register. Chose my scan, received a sms plus WhatsApp message. Went to the Diagnostic Centre and had my scan done. Everything went like a breeze.
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Thankyou Team for your wonderful service. I got my Brain MRI scan done only @3750/- that too in multispeciality hospital like 'Sahyadri'. I was surprised by watching others pay approx 14k for the same MRI. Team member Manjunath has been so co-operative in following up and to ensure everything is smooth and quick. Thankyou so much team and keep the good work up..!!
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It was wonderful experience with book my scan as the services provided were extremely professional right from the telephonic conversation to the clinic execution. Thankyou for all the help
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I was struggling with back pain on Sunday where generally few Dr. are not available. To find the root cause MRI was the only option... I called Bookmyscan and explained the situation... In few min they gave me near by near by labs name and address and Customer Care executive explained me the Cost of MRI as well as She booked the appointment on priority. I really liked the services provided by bookmyscans and will recommend to select bookmyscan for any kind of reports.
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Thanks to Bookmyscans for getting me the cheapest MRI (Knee) rate near my locality. Miss. Bharathi from you side gave me all support and assistance throughout the process, Highly Appreciated..!
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Service was Very Good. I got Better Discount thru book my scan . There was very rush but as it was booked as an appointment I was given Priority thru AS Path lab
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Rating of 10 appointment booking Rating of 10 for experience at scan centre.
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Overall experience was good. Fazal was assigned to me and assisted me with all my queries. Would recommend to someone as it would get you good options in good prices.
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Book my scans was very helpful for me finding a scaning centre and helped me with the fee also. The timings I checked with the centre directly, so I went soon and they took the scan, except the timings, book my scan helped with a lot. Pardon for my grammar tho. I hope you get the context.
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Booking is fast .. good reviews and rate from book myscans team. Thanks for help and update .. surly recommend
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Bookmyscans site is the best option to get the best quote. Thank you for your support.
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I booked an MRI scan for my 12-year-old daughter through BookMyScan at Aarthi Scan Center in Marathahalli. I was impressed with both BookMyScan and the scan center. BookMyScan charged 30-40% less than the market price, and the overall service was excellent. Their representative was in touch with me from the beginning and guided me through the entire process. I appreciate their efforts to provide affordable diagnostic options.
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