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Diabetes could be a chronic sickness that results from the body’s inability to sufficiently turn out and/or properly use insulin, a secretion that regulates the approach sugar is kept and employed in the body. The body desires endocrine to use sugar as an appropriate energy source to be active.

Diabetes the diseases affect close to two and a half million people in India every year and this number is rising rapidly. If diabetes is left untreated then it can lead to many serious complications which include the heart diseases, kidney diseases and also vision loss.

Type two diabetes disease happens once the body now not produces enough insulin agent, or has issue mistreatment the insulin agent it produces, causing sugar to mix up within the blood. Over time, this damages blood vessels and nerves and might result in severe complications including blindness, heart condition, or impotency etc.

Adopting a healthier style will facilitate management kind two diabetes, and might considerably scale back your risk of a heart condition, and stroke. It also can contribute to your overall well-being and quality of life

Although diabetes is known to lead to a very serious complication and hence premature death, there are many steps that can be taken to prevent such diseases which can lower the risk of complication of diabetes, At bookmyscans, our diabetes health checkup packages in Mumbai is intended to help you understand debates, and how certain types can be prevented or managed, the preventive measure that need to be taken and how to live with the condition of diabetes.

You might be wondering what would be hba1c test cost in Mumbai or even the a1c blood test cost in Mumbai. Your luckily to know that Bookmyscans is now offering the best offers to you which is up to 50-60% discounts on diabetes health checkup packages

In Mumbai. We have partnered with the diagnostic pioneers in Mumbai so that we can make sure that you get only the precise and accurate results which are delivered in the best of quality.

Our diabetes health checkup packages in Mumbai are as bellows:

  • MO (Make Me OK) which includes 25 Tests (Diabetic Screening, Complete Hemogram)