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MRI Scan Price List in Mumbai

Scan Name Prices
MRI Head ScanRs.3999
MRI Single HandRs.3999
MRI Chest ScanRs.3999
MRI Single Leg ScanRs.3999
MRI Ls Spine ScanRs.3999
MRI Lumbar SpineRs.3999
MRI Lumbo Sacral Spine ScanRs.3999
MRI Nose ScanRs.3999
MRI Brain ScanRs.3999
MRI Neck ScanRs.3999
MRI Anus ScanRs.3999
MRI Orbits ScanRs.3999
MRI Knee ScanRs.3999
MRI Foot ScanRs.3999
MRI Fingers ScanRs.3999
MRI Shoulder ScanRs.3999
Scan Name Prices
MRI Ankle Joint ScanRs.3999
MRI PNS ScanRs.3999
MRI Wrist ScanRs.3999
MRI Temporal Bone ScansRs.3999
MRI Pelvis ScanRs.4999
MRI Abdomen ScanRs.4999
MRI Whole Spine ScanRs.11,999
MRI Contrast ScanRs.2500
MRI ScreeningRs.1500 - 2000
MRI Whole Spine ScreeningRs.5999
MRI Brain Epilepsy ScanRs.6500
MRI Pulmonary Angio ScanRs.5999
MRI Brain Angio ScanRs.8999
MRI Coronary Angio ScanRs.7999
MRI + MRA + MRV ScanRs.14,999

MRI Scan Cost in Mumbai – At Unbelievable Price!!

The financial capital of India, Mumbai is known for its fast-paced lifestyle and dense population. It's considered one of the most intense cities worldwide and has led to a sharp increase in numerous health problems over the recent years. There is an urgent need to diagnose the root cause of unexpected health ailments and an MRI scan in Mumbai provides an effective diagnostic procedure to accurately combat the underlying health issues.

The MRI scan cost in Mumbai is rising frequently making it unaffordable. Due to this, people have started ignoring the tests, giving rise to serious health issues. Apart from charging a bomb, there are other malpractices adopted by a few MRI scan centres in Mumbai. The Indian Radiological and Imaging Association is out to take severe actions against these centres. However, the cost of a new MRI scan machine with setup and software upgrade is another critical factor leading to increased MRI charges in Mumbai.

MRI scan cost in Mumbai can range between Rs. 2,500 to INR 4,000 depending on the body part to be diagnosed from bookmyscans. To the delight of consumers, Bookmyscans has tied up with ISO certified and NABL approved MRI scan centers across Mumbai to provide timely diagnosis at much reduced prices.

MRI test cost in Mumbai is the same for most body parts and physicians are increasingly recommending Bookmyscans to reduce the burden of costs and make seamless bookings online. The economical MRI price in Mumbai gives patients to undergo multiple scans and to start treatments faster without any worries. This has earned the trust of patients with most of them opting for a partnered MRI center in Mumbai.

Spine MRI cost in Mumbai, knee MRI cost in Mumbai and MRI brain cost in Mumbai all cost only Rs.3,999 each.

The MRI lumbar spine cost in Mumbai was earlier very expensive. However, considering the importance of the diagnosis and its treatment, the prices are greatly reduced to serve the common man with top quality services. There are many other MRI scans costing up to Rs.10,000 that include multiple scans performed as a series. Thanks to Bookmyscans, Mumbai population can now enjoy world-class health care services provided at amazingly low costs. Book an appointment with your chosen date and time.