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Full body PET-CT Scans in Mumbai @ Rs.11,000

PET CT scans are used to diagnose problems at the cellular level. This scan procedure helps people to diagnose the severity of cancer cells in the body. PET CT scans helps in monitoring the response to the cancer treatment given for the patients. Usually CT & MRI scans are effective in finding the shape and size of inner organs and structures whereas PET-CT scans detects how organs and tissues are actually functioning.

PET CT scan cost in Mumbai is just Rs.11,000. The difference in PET CT Scan price is mainly due to the scan equipment cost incurred for the particular PET CT Scan centre, which happens frequently whenever a new technology evolves and they are in a pressure to replace the old equipment or software with the new version.

Another factor is the prime location of such scan centres with the increased demand for PET-CT scans in Mumbai.Also, some PET CT scan centres in Mumbai have experienced radiologists for diagnosis, which might also result in increased scan cost for patients.

Bookmyscans understands a common man’s pain in incurring healthcare expenses, especially when it comes to PET-CT scans in Mumbai. We can help you to reduce your PET CT Scan cost in Mumbai by 50% and above. Here is how it works. Mission of Bookmyscans is to make quality healthcare affordable to common man.Our team puts in the best efforts to give you the solutionby helping you undergo PET CT Scans in Mumbai at just Rs.11,000 in the most reputed quality PET CT scan centres in Mumbai.

Even though the PET-CT Scan is a remarkable technology in cancer management, the number of PET-CT scan centres in Mumbai still remains low. We only tie up with some selective PET CT Scan centres in Mumbai approved by AERB who only uses advanced PET CT scan equipment and provide exceptional patient care. We do frequent quality audits with our partnered PET CT Scan centres in Mumbai.

To address the overcrowding of patients in PET CT Scan centres in Mumbai and to help as many as possible, our customer care executives immediately get in touch with you once you fill the booking form. PET CT scan Appointments will be fixed at your convenient date and time helping you to avoid long waiting time at the center. Most of the PET CT scan appointments in Mumbai will be booked through us within 60 seconds.

Till date, 3200+ people got benefitted by paying just Rs.11,000 for their full body PET CT Scans in Mumbai.Most of the physicians in Mumbai have encouraged our cost effective PET CT Scan booking services as the reports are from high quality PET CT scan centers in Mumbai and started recommending to public. Get benefitted and do share the word to reach people in need.