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CT Scan Price List in Pune

Scan Name Prices
CT Head ScanRs.2,500-4000
CT Single HandRs.2,500-4000
CT Chest ScanRs.2,500-4000
CT Single Leg ScanRs.2,500-4000
CT Ls Spine ScanRs.2,500-4000
CT Lumbar SpineRs.2,500-4000
CT Lumbo Sacral Spine ScanRs.2,500-4000
CT Nose ScanRs.2,500-4000
CT Brain ScanRs.2,500-4000
CT Neck ScanRs.2,500-4000
CT Anus ScanRs.2,500-4000
CT Orbits ScanRs.2,500-4000
Scan Name Prices
CT Knee ScanRs.2,500-4000
CT Foot ScanRs.2,500-4000
CT Fingers ScanRs.2,500-4000
CT Shoulder ScanRs.2,500-4000
CT Ankle Joint ScanRs.2,500-4000
CT PNS ScanRs.2,500-4000
CT Wrist ScanRs.2,500-4000
CT Temporal Bone ScansRs.2,500-4000
CT Pelvis ScanRs.2999
CT Abdomen ScanRs.3000
CT Abdomen and pelvis ScanRs.3800
CT Contrast ScanRs.1000 - 1500
CT ScreeningRs.1500 - 2000

CT scan cost in Pune – Starting from Rs.2,500-4000/-

CT scan cost in Pune – Starting from Rs.2,500

Computed Tomography (CT) or Computed Axial Tomography (CAT) is a fast, painless, noninvasive and accurate Imaging test which helps detect diseases associated with lungs, Heart, Pulmonary angiogram, cardiac, abdomen, pelvis, kidney, ovaries, liver, pancreas and joints that are damaged and dislocated. A CT scan takes X-ray images of your body from different angles and uses computer processing to create a cross-sectional view. These cross-sectional Images (slices) display a detailed image of the bones, organs, blood vessels and soft tissues inside the body part which is being scanned. CT scans can identify Cysts, Tumors and infections better than an X-ray can. They provide medical information that is different from imaging scans like ultrasounds, MRI or nuclear medicine. CT scans can give more accurate images of any part of the body. Life threatening diseases like cancer can be detected on a CT scan. Learning about the cancers stage is very important for efficient treatment planning. It can also describe where the cancer is and if it is spreading. The information obtained from a CT scans can not only help your doctor see your disease but it can also help him treat your illness more efficiently.

CT scans are most commonly used to detect the cause of strokes and to asses serious head injuries. CT scan is an accurate method to have a look inside your body without cutting the patient open. Doctors are able to detect internal injuries with the help of CT scans. In emergency situations, CT scans are used to get quick results so that internal injuries can be treated efficiently. Various skeletal issues like osteoporosis and other similar diseases can be detected on a CT scan. This scan can help monitor response of a patient to treatment. CT scans are often used by surgeons to have a detailed view of the tumor which has to be operated on. Examining soft tissue injuries and small bone components can be done with the help of a CT scan.

The CT scan procedure can take 20 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the part to be scanned. The preferred equipment for a CT scan is 16 slices and above. Scans done with this equipment can give more clear and accurate images. Both the image quality and characteristics of radiation depend on the quality of the equipment. Not only is better quality good for accuracy, but it is also better for your health. Now, how do you ensure that you are getting the best quality and the lowest CT scan cost in Pune?

Bookmyscans.com is an online health care provider which partners with scan centers using equipment with 16 slices and above to give you the best price for CT scans in Pune. Bookmyscans conduct regular audits on the equipment to ensure that you are getting quality machines for your scans. Thousands of people are getting benefitted each day with the help of Bookmyscans, which provides a cost efficient booking service.

CT scan Centers in Pune which partner with Bookmyscans are AERB approved and ISO & NABL certified to ensure that you have a safe scan. Get appointments for CT scan in Pune hassle free at the lowest cost.