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Over the past few decades, it has been very obvious that the occurrence and the prevalence of diabetes increasing rapidly. Unless there is an appropriate action is not taken, according to sources there might be at least 350 million people in the world suffering from type 2 diabetes by the year 2030. This number is almost double what it is today.

What is equally alarming and which is a less well-known fact is that of the people who are suffering from diabetes, many are unaware and only one half know about the condition. This has been repeatedly showing up on multiple surveys.

And added concern for the people suffering is only half of those with diabetes clinically already have signs of a complication of the disorder.

Having diabetes can and which will lead to serious health problems which are called complication of diabetes. They are known include heart disease and stroke some other problems are nerve damage, kidney problems and skin infection and also gum disease that can lead to loss of teeth.

Getting a diabetic test in Pune can help in the prevention or delay in health problems. Staying up to date by doing a regular health test and undergoing a diabetic exam can help identify any new health problems at a very early stage which then become easier to treat.

It is not yet said that the early detection of diabetes will improve the outcome for people who are suffering from type 2 diabetes, but it seems very logical to suggest that it may help. The implies implication is that the people need to be screened on a regular basis. There is still a massive uncertainty whether this has to be undertaken on the population nationwide or only for those people suffering or showing a high risk of getting diabetes.

The epidemic which is called diabetes is on an accelerated pedal in the developing world, and there is an increasing proportion of the population which are being affected, and those affected are the younger one. A recent report indicated that type two diabetes is being diagnosed in children and adolescents. This is going to further trouble and burden the complication of chronic diabetes worldwide.

It is clear that in India there is a need to know and a guide is required to both the general public and the people who are suffering from the deadly densities. That is why Bookmyscans has come together to provide medical assistance for each and everybody and diabetes check up cost in Pune is very minimal in checkup cost. By doing a diabetic health checkup in Pune the person will get to know the long-term health benefits and will understand the people at risk suffering from type 2 diabetes in general.