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MRI Scan Price List in Pune

Scan Name Prices
MRI Head ScanRs.5000
MRI Single HandRs.5000
MRI Chest ScanRs.5000
MRI Single Leg ScanRs.5000
MRI Ls Spine ScanRs.5000
MRI Lumbar SpineRs.5000
MRI Lumbo Sacral Spine ScanRs.5000
MRI Nose ScanRs.5000
MRI Brain ScanRs.5000
MRI Neck ScanRs.5000
MRI Anus ScanRs.5000
MRI Orbits ScanRs.5000
MRI Knee ScanRs.5000
MRI Foot ScanRs.5000
MRI Fingers ScanRs.5000
MRI Shoulder ScanRs.5000
Scan Name Prices
MRI Ankle Joint ScanRs.5000
MRI PNS ScanRs.5000
MRI Wrist ScanRs.5000
MRI Temporal Bone ScansRs.5000
MRI Pelvis ScanRs.5000
MRI Abdomen ScanRs.6000
MRI Whole Spine ScanRs.5700
MRI Contrast ScanRs.1500
MRI ScreeningRs.1500 - 2000
MRI Whole Spine ScreeningRs.5000
MRI Brain Epilepsy ScanRs.6500
MRI Pulmonary Angio ScanRs.6300
MRI Brain Angio ScanRs.9500
MRI Coronary Angio ScanRs.7000
MRI + MRA + MRV ScanRs.10,000

MRI Scan cost in Pune – Just Rs.5000/-

On the day of the scan you will be able to eat and drink as normal. Medication must be stopped if advised. Depending on the part to be scanned you will be instructed if you can eat and drink or not. Generally for MRI brain scans you will enter the MRI scanner head first. The machine takes multiple images of the brain. These Images show bright and dark areas, which help determine the health of the brain. In some cases, you will be asked to drink a large amount of water before the scan. During the scan, you will be asked to lie on a moveable bed, which will be moved into the scanner. Depending on the part to be scanned you will be moved into the scanner head first or feet first. During the scan you will be able to hear loud tapping noises. An MRI scans is painless and safe procedure as it does not use X-rays or any other radiation. An MRI scan is generally a safe procedure, people with metal implants in their body will have to tell their doctor about it as the magnetic field can cause certain types of metal to move.

Sometimes a chemical contrast medium is injected into the body to enhance and improve the quality of the image. Gadolinium contrast media is used as a dye or contrast agents. The main difference between MRI with contrast and MRI without contrast is that, when a contrast is injected it is done with the intention of highlighting certain parts of soft tissue. Whereas an MRI without Contrast is cleaner than the other. Most MRI Scans are done without the contrast medium. Contrast material, Gadolinium is generally very safe. Patients with normal kidney function can pass out most of the contrast material in urine form, within 24 hours. Contrast materials usually do not produce any kind of allergic reaction.

MRI scan is a radiology technique that used strong magnetic waves and radio waves to produce inside body structures. An MRI scanner quality is measured by the strength of the magnet. Strength of the magnet is measured using the unit Tesla. The preferred machine for MRI scan is 1.5T or above. The magnet used in MRI scan is the basis of how the images are acquired. An MRI scan is performed by a radiographer who specializes in reading imaging investigations. Health care professionals use MRI scans to detect various problems like tumors, brain injuries, anomalies in development, multiple sclerosis, dementia, stroke, infections and causes of headaches. The Scan shows bright and dark areas to determine whether a tissue is healthy or not. MRI scans are often used to identify brain aneurysms and inflammation of the spine. High quality MRI Scanners have higher magnetic field strengths and there by allow higher resolution, detailed and more clear images to be produced.

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