Root Canal Treatment

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Root Canal Treatment in Bangalore

Root canal treatment is a method that can repair and save damaged or infected tooth without removing it permanently. The treatment is required when the soft tissue inside the tooth becomes inflamed or infected or when there is a serious pain in the teeth while chewing or darkening of the gums. It is done to successfully remove the infected tissue and bacteria throughout the canal so that the patient gets relieved of the severe pain.

Average cost of root canal treatment depends on the type of tooth affected. Molars are usually very expensive when compared to the other teeth as they harder to operate on.

Treatment is performed in four essential steps. Firstly the surrounding tissues of the infected tooth is numbed by local anesthesia. Then a thin sheet of rubber called a dental dam is placed over the affected tooth. Thereafter, a hole is drilled to allow access to root canals for treatment and dead pulp tissue is removed from the tooth. Lastly, a root canal filling material is placed in the canals, and the tooth is sealed to protect it from contamination.


  • Crowns should be placed as soon as possible
  • Stress should be reduced on the affected tooth
  • Maintaining regular checkups is important to monitor the healing of treated tooth
  • Brushing and cleaning teeth twice a day is advisable
  • Saline gargles should be followed as they are a very effective remedy for any tooth ailment


  • Drinking of hot or cold beverages should be avoided until the completion of treatment
  • Taking the prescribed pain medications should not be skipped, even if the patient is not experiencing extreme pain
  • Smoking cigaratte and drinking alcohol should be avoided under antibiotic coverage
  • Chewing of hard and crunchy food should be avoided
  • Driving immediately after treatmentshould be avoided

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